Rupes 6" Complete Polishing Kit

Kit Includes:

Major paint defects like swirls, scratches or oxidation giving you the blues? Attack them with our complete polishing kit. We've bundled everything together and included the essentials: a 21 mm Rupes Mark II Dual Action Polisher, the JLG AVC Gold Series family of compound & polishes, along with our 6" Uro-Tec buffing pad set.

The 21 mm Rupes is excellent polishing tool for when you have to cover large areas and need the power to blast through the job. Coupled with our Gold Series polishes & Uro Tec pads, you'll be able handle almost any polishing job, from:

  • Color sanding and/or wet sanding scratches
  • Heavy surface correction
  • Scratch refinement
  • Medium to light-duty polishing
  • Finish polishing

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