Odor Eliminator

Jay’s Odor Eliminator is blended with chemical enzymes that help to physically eliminate odor-causing bacteria & germs.

  • Quickly eliminate harsh odors & lingering smells
  • Don’t just mask odors, clean and eliminate them from the air
  • Clean smells from the air, fabrics and other common areas
  • Blended with powerful enzymes that eliminate odors



  • Fighting odors in your car, truck or around your home doesn’t have to be a losing battle. A couple spritzes of Jay’s Odor Eliminator and foul smells are a thing of the past! The fast-acting enzymes work to clean odor-causing bacteria from the air, fabrics and other common areas.

    Did you leave your gym bag in the car overnight? Maybe the kids spilled a mystery liquid and you’re not quite sure where the stench is coming from. Regardless of where the odors are coming from, don’t let foul smells dampen the mood.

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