Rupes 5" Complete Polishing Kit

Kit Includes:

Major paint defects like swirls, scratches or oxidation giving you the blues? Attack them with our complete polishing kit. We've bundled everything together and included the essentials: a 15 mm Rupes Mark II Dual Action Polisher, the JLG AVC Gold Series family of compound & polishes, along with our 5" Uro-Tec buffing pad set.

The 15 mm Rupes is excellent all-around polishing tool. It has a large enough throw that it can correct over big surface areas, but it is compact enough to get into some of the smaller sections. Coupled with our Gold Series polishes & Uro Tec pads, you'll be able handle any polishing job, from:

  • Color sanding and/or wet sanding scratches
  • Heavy surface correction
  • Scratch refinement
  • Medium to light-duty polishing
  • Finish polishing

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