Foam Block Applicator

Jay’s Foam Block Applicator is a convenient, grab-able detailing brick. Great for applying dressings, conditioners & protectants.

  • The block design allows for the perfect grip
  • Firm foam construction
  • 2" x 3" x 4"
  • Great for applying dressings, conditioners & protectants
  • Use with cleaners for a gentle scrubbing & foaming action


The brick-style design of Jay's Foam Block Applicator makes for easy grip & control of the applicator sponge. Open cell foam construction provides a soft, but firm foundation for spreading dressings, conditioners & protectants on tires, trim, interior panels or seats. Use with cleaners to create a gentle scrubbing action that can agitate & lift stubborn stains from sensitive leather surfaces or fabric.


Flip and rotate the block applicator to apply dressings or conditioners to a wide variety of spaces. Use the small side for tight or narrow spaces like low profile tires. Use the larger face for areas like trim panels for taller tires with more side wall.


Foam Block Applicator - Jay Leno's Garage 

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