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Introducing Jay Leno's Garage Advanced Vehicle Care

When cars get driven, they get dirty. And of course, dirty cars need to be cleaned. However, not every car care product available today is fit to be used on such priceless automobiles.

A collection of Jay’s standards demands a superior level of cleaning and protection. The current, tired, outdated options available today just simply can’t stand up to the demand and rigor of such a wide range of vehicles.

With the need for a higher standard in vehicle care, Jay has worked closely with industry-leading professionals to develop an all-inclusive line of vehicle care products that deliver the essence of world-class cleaning, protection and shine capabilities. Products that stand the test of concourse-level judgement, yet are simplified and easy to use.

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“After 25 years of trying practically every detailing product on the market, we decided to develop our own right here in the garage.”
— Jay Leno