Synthetic Clay Mitt Kit

  • Quickly remove bonded contamination
  • Great for use on paint, glass and any other surfaces susceptible to contamination
  • Re-usable, good for use up to 40 times

The easy, quick & convenient way to remove light to moderate surface contaminants. Our Synthetic Clay Mitt is the ideal option for quickly removing bonded surface contaminants before a full detail and/or polishing session.

This convenient kit includes our brand new Synthetic Clay Mitt and a 16 oz. bottle of our Clay Lube. Everything you need to get claying your car's surface immediately.

Our Clay Mitt is incredibly durable. It can be rinsed, and re-used multiple times. If you drop it on the ground, don't sweat it! Simply rinse it clean, and it's good to use again. 

Want to read more on how to use our Synthetic Clay Mitt? Click Here.

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