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Evaporate from Leno’s Garage is an advanced drying aid that helps lubricate your towel during the drying process, then leave behind a robust layer of paint sealant.

  • Provides ultra-slick lubrication while drying your vehicle’s paint
  • Helps your drying towel absorb more water in less time
  • Lubricate, protect, shine & seal all in one step!
  • An advanced blend of polymer-based sealants & resins provide robust paint protection!


  • You are most prone to imparting scratches & swirls in your vehicle’s finish during two main points of a car wash: 1. The initial washing when the car is dirtiest and 2. During the drying step. A quality wash shampoo and the correct detailing tools will help minimize scratch potential during the car wash, but a drying aid and a soft microfiber towel are your best defense when towel drying your car or truck.

    Evaporate simplifies a detail by lubricating your drying towel and helping it to absorb water more readily. It's also designed to leave behind a robust layer of protection delivered by the high-tech polymer sealants blended with the formula. It truly helps to save time by combining two distinct steps of the detailing process into one simple operation.

    Still not sure on what a drying aid is? Read more about it here!

Water Activated Car Paint Sealant

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