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Eco Wash

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Is your car or truck only “sort of” dirty? Could it use a quick touch-up, but doesn’t justify the whole hose & bucket routine? Eco Wash from Leno’s Garage is handy way to give your vehicle a quick clean up! 

  • Quickly wash your car/truck without the hose & bucket
  • Leaves behind a protective layer of paint sealant
  • Great for detailing when access to water is limited
  • The super-slick formula incapsulates dirt particles
  • Pair with a high-pile, or waffle weave microfiber towel


  • Clean on the go with Eco Wash from Jay Leno’s Garage! Created with a unique blend of emulsifiers, surfactants (cleaning agents), as well as high tech paint sealants, Eco Wash is designed to be a car wash in a bottle.

    “How’s it differ from Quick Detailer” you ask? Detailing sprays are designed to enhance gloss. Eco Wash is formulated to safely clean painted surfaces without leaving dreaded scratches & swirl marks behind. Great for use on paint, clear coat, trim, glass, wheels & even chrome!

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