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Bug & Tar Remover

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Jay’s Bug & Tar Remover quickly breaks down bug splatter and road tar to help save exterior surfaces from corrosive damage.

  • Quickly neutralizes bug splatter, road tar and/or bird droppings
  • Safely breaks down bugs, road tar, sap & other organic matter
  • Easy spray-on, wipe-off application
  • Safe for paint, chrome, aluminum, plastic, glass, vinyl wraps & PPF


  • Bug splatter can contain some pretty corrosive stuff (ask someone who lives in Florida about Love Bugs). If left unchecked, splattered bug remnants can damage your vehicle’s paint by etching through and diminishing the clear coat. Regardless of which type of bug you may have run into, it’s important to quickly and safely clean them from your vehicle’s surfaces as quickly as possible.

    Have stubborn road tar or asphalt stuck to your rocker panels? Watch it it easily melt away with just a few sprays.

    Bug & Tar Remover is safe for clear coat, single stage paint, as well as paint protection films (PPF) or vinyl wraps. Safely remove bugs, road tar, grease, asphalt splatter or road grime without damaging your vehicle’s finish. This versatile formula helps reduce the amount of scrubbing required which translates into less chance of leaving behind dreaded swirl marks.

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