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Ceramic Wash Shampoo - 48 oz.

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Ceramic Wash Shampoo from Jay Leno’s Garage combines an incredibly slick, high-foaming wash soap with the high-gloss, paint-protecting properties of ceramic. Improve the durability, gloss, and beading of any existing coating. A great way to wash and ceramic coat your vehicle in one, easy step.

  • Boost & replenish your existing ceramic coating
  • Create loads of dirt-lifting foam & suds
  • Leave behind durable, SiO2-based ceramic protection
  • Save time by washing and coating in one step
  • Outshine everyone at the next car show


  • Jay's Ceramic Wash Shampoo is infused with SiO2 nanoparticles to leave behind a high-gloss, water-beading finish that protects your vehicle's paint from harsh environmental elements. Create a super durable layer of paint protection that helps repel water, dirt, UV rays, and other environmental pollutants. For best coating results, we recommend allowing the finish to cure for 6-8 hours after the wash is complete.

    We've spent countless hours developing a formula that not only leaves behind a beautifully glossy finish but also cleans with thick, dirt-clinging foam. Gently encapsulate dirt particles and lift them away from the surface to help avoid dreaded swirl marks & scratching. Great for use with a hose & bucket, a low-pressure foam gun, or a full foam cannon and pressure washer setup.

    Other ceramic soaps on the market boast water-beading capabilities, but lack slickness and the foaming ability that is indicative of a quality wash shampoo. We've worked closely with our chemists to develop a formula that can deliver both: slick, foaming suds plus durable ceramic protection!

    Ceramic-coated paint stays cleaner longer and is easier to detail when it is dirty. Use Ceramic Wash Shampoo to replenish your existing coating or use to wash a non-coated car and enjoy standalone protection that saves time & money.

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