Synthetic Clay Mitt Kit

Jay’s Synthetic Clay Mitt coupled with our Clay Lube is the perfect combination for effortlessly removing bonded contamination and restoring the smooth, glass-like finish to your painted surfaces.

  • Clay Mitt & 16 oz. Clay Lube combo pack
  • Quickly remove bonded contamination
  • Easy to clean, just rinse with water. No kneading necessary
  • Medium-grade clay material
  • Re-usable up to 40 washes


  • In the past claying a vehicle has been a labor intensive process. Trying to scrub large areas with a small pad of clay is time consuming. Jay’s Synthetic Clay Mitt picks up contaminants just like a traditional clay bar, but covers an area 3-5 times larger with every swipe. The best part you ask? It rinses clean with fresh water. That means that if you accidentally drop it, just rinse it clean and keep working. You can't say the same for traditional clay bars!

    Want to see how a clay mitt stacks up against a traditional clay bar? Read more here!

    Achieve professional results with our advanced polymer clay technology. The medium-grade clay material is ideal for removing bonded contamination like brake dust, rail dust, paint overspray, water spots and environmental fall out.


Surface Cleansing Clay Mitt | Jay Leno's Garage

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