Wheel Cleaner


An easy-to-use and effective brake dust cleaner. Wheel Cleaner from Leno’s Garage is a color changing formula that turns a deep purple as it's activated and working to clean road grime & stubborn brake dust.

  • Safe for use on aluminum, alloy, chrome, powder coat, painted & clear coat wheel finishes
  • Increased viscosity helps formula cling to vertical wheel surfaces
  • Reacts to the iron particles in brake dust
  • Quickly & easily dissolves embedded iron contamination
  • Safe for use on high performance (carbon/ceramic) brake pads & rotors



  • Hands down, Jay’s Wheel Cleaner is the quickest & easiest way to clean stubborn brake dust & road grime. Blended with active cleaning agents and high-tech surfactants, we’ve built a spray-on wheel cleaner that is tough to compete with!

    We’ve designed this formula to have a thick, viscous composition so it clings to the wheel surface while it is working. After a few moments you’ll notice the formula change to a deep color purple. That’s the active ingredient attacking the bonded metal contaminants. Allow a few moments for Wheel Cleaner to work (really dirty wheels may require some agitation), then rinse clean for a brand new, show room finish!

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