Diamond Weave Glass Towel

The Diamond Weave Glass Towel from Jay Leno's Garage is a premium microfiber towel designed specifically for cleaning glass. The unique diamond-weave pattern grips grime and helps to leave behind a streak-free shine.

  • Great for cleaning windows, glass, and mirrors
  • Leaves a lint-free, streak-free shine
  • Non-abrasive, safe for use on all finishes
  • Can be used on navigation & electronic screens
  • 16" x 16" footprint
  • 70/30 microfiber blend


  • The Perfect Towel for any Detailing Job!

    Jay’s Diamond Weave Glass Towel allows you to achieve a crystal-clear finish with confidence. Use with your favorite glass cleaner. Designed with clear glass in mind so you can clean up quickly and not have to worry about leaving dreaded streaks or lint behind. You spend countless hours cleaning and detailing your car or truck, it only makes sense to rely on quality microfiber towels to deliver show-winning results. Don't let cheap, bargain-brand towels ruin your hard work!

    Premium Detailing Construction

    The 300 GSM diamond weave construction paired with the ultra-premium 70/30 microfiber blend makes cleaning your glass surfaces easy and trouble-free.


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