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Fabric Shield

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Fabric Shield is a ceramic-infused fabric protectant that forms a super-hydrophobic SiO2 barrier. Repel liquids and prevent stains from accidental spills, plus help to make clean-up a breeze.
  • Add ceramic protection to fabrics and textiles
  • Help guard against spills & stains
  • Repels water and other common liquids
  • Features “Dry-Soft” technology
  • Great for use on convertible tops, seats, carpets, & more


  • Fabric Shield forms a barrier that repels liquids, preventing them from penetrating and staining your cloth surfaces. This is especially useful for fabric convertible tops, interior textiles, carpets, and fabrics that are susceptible to spills or exposed to the elements. The hydrophobic layer causes liquids to bead up easily, without penetrating deeper into the fibers. So when accidents happen, clean-up can be quick and worry-free.

    The dry soft formula evaporates quickly which allows Fabric Shield to protect and preserve without changing the look and feel of your cloth materials. Fabrics remain soft to the touch without becoming stiff or sticky.

    In addition to repelling liquids and preventing stains, Fabric Shield helps guard against harmful UV rays and safeguard your vehicle from severe weather. Deliver long-lasting protection and help keep your car fresh and new for longer with Fabric Shield from Jay Leno’s Garage.

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