Quick Detailer


A customer favorite since day one! The easy spray-on, wipe-off application makes achieving a lustrous streak-free shine as simple as can be.

  • Our advanced polymer formula increases gloss & shine
  • Provides a boost in color, depth & clarity to your paint's finish
  • The extra slick formulation safely wipes away dust, fingerprints & smudges
  • An excellent option to use after a wash, or at the next car show to keep your paint looking its best!


  • Jay's Quick Detailer is our go-to detailing spray when cleaning up around the Garage! Formulated to provide unsurpassed slickness and shine with one easy application.

    This detailing spray helps to remove fingerprints, smudges, water spots & light dust. It's great for use on all painted surfaces, clear coat, plastic, glass, chrome & more.

    An excellent option to top off freshly waxed or sealed finishes.

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