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Vehicle Wash

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Jay's Vehicle Wash stands out with its super-concentrated, PH-neutral formula, ensuring a safe and effective clean for all vehicle surfaces.
  • Thick, foaming lather helps to lift dirt & grime away from your paint
  • Formulated with free-rinsing surfactants which allow this wash soap to be used in direct sunlight
  • The PH-neutral formula is gentle on surfaces, leaving previous wax, sealant, or coating applications intact
  • Ultra-slick lubrication helps prevent surface scratches while washing
  • Optimized for use with foam guns, pressure washers and foam cannons


  • Jay’s Vehicle Wash is our go-to car wash shampoo when detailing the cars in the Garage. The thick foaming lather works tirelessly to lift dirt and grime, minimizing the risk of scratches and leaving your paint in pristine condition. With its ultra-slick lubrication, our car wash soap provides an additional layer of precaution during the wash process. Plus, it's perfectly formulated to rinse clean, leaving no residue behind and maintaining the integrity of your previous wax or sealant applications.

    Enjoy the versatility of our car wash shampoos, optimized for use with foam guns and cannons, and rest assured knowing it performs flawlessly even in direct sunlight, preventing any water spots. Trusted by the experts at Jay Leno's Garage, Jay's Vehicle Wash is the go-to choice for achieving professional-grade results, ensuring your vehicle not only gets cleaned but is cared for with every wash.

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